Atopic dermatitis and “colloidal silver”

Atopic dermatitis and “colloidal silver”
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The term eczema comes from the 19 Century. At that time it was assumed that the cause of skin disease is a nerve inflammation. Later, this view was refuted, the term has remained. Today, however, spoke more of the atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema from.

The name of atopic dermatitis makes it clear that the atopic dermatitis is difficult to isolate. Translated the term simply means “no apparent reason diseased skin, not only of typical bodies”. According to diverse the explanations of scientists and doctors and the appearance of the disease.
The causes of eczema are so far not clearly explained. A number of observations and research findings suggest a so-called multifactorial pathogenesis. This means that the development and severity of the disease, the interaction of genetic factors and environmental influences is based.

Atopic eczema in an infant

It often appears first in young children but also adolescents and adults may still suffer from atopic dermatitis without having previously suffered from eczema. In infants, the incidence of cradle cap can be an early symptom of atopic dermatitis. However, not all children diagnosed later with cradle cap on atopic dermatitis.

After the assessment of various types of information to develop atopic dermatitis, is present in 5-20% of children and 1-3% of adults. In 60% of patients the disease occurs in the first year of life. For most affected children to reduce the symptoms disappear with aging and the onset of puberty. Of the original parties are in adults about 70% of symptoms. The atopic dermatitis is observed with increasing frequency. Whether it but in fact to an increase in the occurrence of the disease or whether the eczema is diagnosed today more frequently, because the perception of stakeholders and that of doctors has changed is controversial.

The very fragile and often cracked skin of eczema affected is vulnerable to infection. One is for the skin of atopic dermatitis patients, the characteristic phenomenon partly massive colonization with Staphylococcus aureus. These bacteria cause by triggering moist skin reactions to improved environmental conditions for staphylococci with further growth of bacteria and thus circle a progressive deterioration of skin condition by a mutual reinforcement of both disease processes, known as a circle, a self-sustaining process.

Of importance also is a possible colonization with yeasts (eg Candida albicans) .* ²

treated as colloidal silver is precisely this type of infection very effectively, colloidal silver is used by many dermatologists successfully.
Doing so, the affected area several times daily moistened with colloidal silver (sprayed). Also the oral ingestion of colloidal silver to support this therapy is recommended by some doctors.

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